Library Rules

Welcome Students!

Need assistance? You’ll find our library staff always ready to help students develop research-related skills such as learning how to use library-based research resources, conducting effective searches, selecting and evaluating appropriate sources for academic research, understanding data management, and giving them an understanding of how information and research are used in all areas of study.

Students are welcome to visit the Library during any open periods.

No pass is required if you arrive before the bell. If you arrive on time, just sign in and stay the full period.

Library Passes

Only students who arrive late need a pass to enter the Library. If you are delayed in class, simply ask your teacher for a pass.

Study Hall & Lunch: Students must obtain a pass from the Library before going to Study Hall or Lunch. Passes can be obtained before school, during class change, or after school on the preceding day. For Study Hall, ask your Study Hall Teacher to initial the pass before returning to the Library.

Student Assistance

Mrs. Bowman is available to assist students when the Library is open. Not sure where to find something? Please ask! Students may also schedule time with Mrs. Bowman for individual assistance. Can’t get into the Library? Send an email to

eBooks, ezines, Audiobooks & Videos

We have thousands of eBooks from the hottest titles to the best research. Also find online magazines, digital audiobooks and videos. To find titles, go to the library’s webpage and select either the Destiny Catalog or a dropdown menu.

Use of Cell Phones & Other Devices

To keep sound to a minimum, please use headphones when watching a video or listening to audio (ask for headphones if you need them). Please do not make calls while in the Library. Laptops are available for use in the library.

Jacinta Bowman – Library Media Specialist –

Dr. Vincent Romano – Principal –

Jason Mach – Chairperson –